Charleston Tea Party Tour in the News

The Charleston Tea Party Private Tour would like to thank Patricia Cleveland Peck for the lovely and informative article in the Financial Times of London.   Please see full article here.

Our day together in Charleston is one of my favorite memories as well.


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One response to “Charleston Tea Party Tour in the News

  1. Annika and Jan-Erik Månsson

    So, we are coming to an end of our fantastic week in Charleston. 204 Ashley Avenue has been our home for the week and we have really felt that we had a home here. The appartement is homely and cosy, with an oldfashioned touch. Laura has put such an effort in making you feel welcome and special! We have enjoyed the Tea Party Tour, learned so much, to listen to Laura is to listen to a living Historical person!! You can smell, feel the fragile women, see the gentlemen, feel their anger, listen to their tears, feel the pride of being an Charlestonian. Also big thanks to those who let us into their homes and gardens, welcoming Charlestonians again. Thanks to Laura we went to an absolutely fantastic concert tonight “The sound of Charlestone”, from gospel to Gershwin. You have it all there, we were up in the sky for joy.
    We, Annika and Jan-Erik want to thank you Laura for this week, it has been amazing. A week full of sunshine, golf, plantations, Teaparty tours, concert, marvellous eating and we are a very happy couple heading back home to Sweden. But Charleston, we will return!
    Recommendations to eat: Homily, Lana, First Landing, and not to forget Tristan where we had a five course meal, Chef’s suggestion, mmmmm. Weightwatchers, here I come:)
    Please Laura, our love to Preston, we had a tuff time together setting up Internet, but it worked perfect after our effort together.

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