Edibles From my Garden in Top Restaurants

I just went to McCrady’s Tavern kitchen, where Sean Brock is the reknowned chef there and at Charleston’s newest hit restaurant, Husk.  Both specialize in local food, locally grown.  Since my successful dinner party with Quail Picatta using my tipsy loquats, I thought these fine kitchens may be interested in what I grow.  They bought my tipsy loquats and calamondin marmalade and loquat liqueur, thereby becoming members of  The Society for the Preservation of This Historic Charleston House.  I am thrilled as if I won the jack pot!

For those interested in reading an article on my calamondin oranges,  order the April issue of Charleston Magazine.    If you come on my tour, I will have copies available. 

Blooming right now in  my front garden are my calamondin orange trees, Meyer Lemon trees, and grapefruit tree.  The calamondin that is the biggest is the one by my yellow Lady Banks Rose.  People are stopping to smell the sweet, exotic citrus blossoms, which are white and wide open.   I make calamondin marmalade, of which I will give you a taste at tea, as well as Meyer Lemon Sorbet, and tea cakes with citrus.  I love to experiment with these edibles from my garden.  I am also picking my lettuces, cilantro, and snow peas for our salads amongst the johnnie jump ups.  They are not only lovely to the eye to behold, they are delightful to the taste buds.  Matt, the assistant chef at McCrady’s kept saying, “WOW,” over and over when the explosion took place in his mouth with my tipsy loquats.

It is wet and chilly today, keeping the spring flowers fresh and blooming longer in time for your visit.  Call me with reservations for the Charleston Tea Party Private Tour, where we will have lunch and  tea at the end of of our morning tour.  I will personally call you back, if you leave a message,  to confirm your reservation for a 9:30 a.m. tour Monday through Friday.

843-577-5896–Laura Wichmann Hipp

If you ask ahead with reservations for my private lunch and tour, I will make you chicken picatta with my home made loquat liqueur and tipsy loquats!


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