St. Philip’s Church on Church Street

St Philip’s Episcopal Church is the Mother Church south of Virginia.  We were established in 1680.  As a matter of fact, the very first request made by the colonists was for  a minister.  The letter to the Lords Proprietors said,” Though we are in dire want of many basic neccessities, yet one thing is needful, a godly and orthodox man to lead the people”. 

It took ten years after the colonists arrived in 1670 to get a minister, but they finally got one brave man from the approved Church of England, who started  St. Philip’s.  The church became known as the most elegant church in the English colonies.  “Church Mice” are on duty weekdays as volunteers to keep the church open for you.  Do look in at the angels in the center of the Corinthian columned arches. 

You are invited  to see the life blood of the Holy City.   It is our historic churches and synagogues that still today provide that sense of community that they have had throughout our history.  It is this viability of our downtown that makes Charleston so real, yet ideal, the Holy City in the hearts of all Americans, what Paris is to Europeans.

Call me at 843-577-5896 for reservations for my Private Tour.  Leave a message as I may be on a tour, and I will call you back!  –Laura Wichmann Hipp


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  1. Bonnie Rose

    WOW!!! The Charleston Tea Party is a wonderful, intimate look into the history of Charleston, private gardens and homes and true Southern Hospitality. Laura Wichmann Hipp has a wealth of knowledge concerning Charleston and the South. She shares so many facts and stories of Charleston and its people, making it come alive, you being a true guest, not just a tourist.
    The tour began with breakfast on the 2nd floor porch of an old, East Battery B & B, overlooking Fort Sumter in the distance, while Laura regaled
    us with stories from the past. We continued on in her van to numerous private gardens and homes. Walking through gardens, side courts and backyards, we were not just peeking through a gate from the sidewalk.
    The tour continued on to a luncheon at Laura’s own home. We relaxed and enjoyed a delicious lunch complete with a meringue torte and homemade peach ice cream. The finishing touch was sampling her homegrown, homemade, Loquat Cordial, sweet and delicious.
    A truly one of a kind experience not to be missed. A beautiful lady with the grace and charm you envision with the words “Southern Hospitality.”

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