In Good Scents in Charleston’s Rainbow Market

It looks like everyone  used good sense as Hurricane Irene hit the North East coast. We have only had higher than usual tide here and wild spray off the tops of waves at the beach. Yes, like teenagers, my husband and I took a wet walk on the beach early last evening on Sullivan’s Island with our English Springer Spaniel, Chesterfield.

 When we came home, we walked outside to the Battery wall where the water was bubbling up under the side walk there at the intersection of Tradd and the Boulevard. A glorious sunset was shaping up over the water. As we looked back to our house to contemplate leaving the glory to get our children to come outside, we could see that we were the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! It was only the end of the rainbow that was visable, but it ended on top of our house!       By the time I ran in and got the children out, the rainbow was gone, but the whole sky was alight with the masterfully stroked sunset.

This week I visited a shop in the Rainbow Market off North Market Street here in Charleston. I remember this shop from when I was a youth 30 years ago trying to figure out where I was going to land. The same lady runs it now as then. It is called In Good Scents. She has been a success dispite not advertising or ever owning a computer! You will have to come here to experience this little treasure trove of small antique porcelain boxes and the good scents that go in them. This shop manned by the owner is one of the anchors of Charleston that keeps people coming back.  She has one of a kind items, beyond the ordinary prepackaged stuff of the outside world.  Her shop is a world set apart, what you expect to find in Charleston.

“If you are weary of the syncopated unrest of a crazy world, come here and set you feet to a saner tempo.  What would we gain by that, you may ask?  All we’d accomplish would be to get out of step with the world.  We do not argue the point.  But if you would only do it, you would leave us wiser than  when you came;  for the streets of Charleston have something to give those who walk them in a receptive mood that will make life forever richer.”  This elusive something is why Charleston is called the Holy City.   It is the place she holds in our hearts!

I look forward to sharing more of Charleston with you on my private tour.  Please call me to make a reservation at 843-577-5896.  –Laura Wichmann Hipp                    w/ quote by Elizabeth O’Neill Verner


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