Very Hipp Charleston Office Building for Sale

The best looking man in Charleston is going to have an office in my house!  Whoopie!    What is even better is I am blessed to be married to him.  I can’t wait for lunches together and romantic interludes when the children are in school!  Shhh!

His office building is for sale.  It occurred to me that people on my tour are always saying that their dream would be to live in Charleston, but that their business or practice is elsewhere.  Well, bring your business here!  Why would you want to live anywhere else?  This one story building is zoned part residential and office.  For someone starting out, it would be perfect to buy to live in as well as to have as a business or medical practice.

Anticipated Questions:

-Is it old and historic and in the historic district?  No, it is at 1412 St. Andrews Boulevard, West of the Ashley River, about 7 miles from downtown historic Charleston, in the highly visible business district.  Because it is a new interior, it is more  green and energy efficient than old and historic.

-Is it charming?  No, it is functional and practical.  It does have a back door neighbor, a lawyer,  very nice, who allows us to pick her persimmons in the late fall after the frost.  We will introduce you to her.  It is a tall tree, the glory of the neighborhood, visible from the back yard. I will even throw in the receipt for persimmon sorbet I make with these tender autumnal orbs. There is also a majestic Live Oak immediately in the back yard of our office building, as old as Historic Charleston.

–Can I keep a boat on a trailer there?  Yes!  If you like boating as we do, you can keep the boat covering my husband built for our boat in the winter when it is on a trailer in dry dock.

–Does it have space for parking?  Yes, lots of it, and not hot tar mac.  It is actually on several lots.

-Will I have to paint the outside?  No.  It is brick, 1960’s, when they built to withstand the winds and rains of time, as it has.

-Who will my friends and clients be?  Us!   Preston and I will introduce you to all our friends!

–How much is it and what is the square footage?  You will have to call my husband about the number details.  Dates I remember but not numbers.

Email him at, or call him at 843-571-2332, ext 1#, or cell at 843-729-2086.  This is new on the market.   I thought you would like to be some of the first to know!–Laura


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