Get Your Peaches …

Get Your Peaches Now–Sunny Side Up!

If you are lucky enough to live near a Piggly Wiggly, they have the final sale of the summer on peaches, 88c  lb.  I have been watching and waiting.  At least here in Charleston they are the South Carolina peaches, as big as a base ball, and juicy and real like a peach should taste.  I bought a basket also from the Vegetable Bin in Charleston on East Bay.  Mr. Leonard and I sit on the “courtin bench” together and recall the days of his youth when fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.  He is a living monument and has the Old Charleston Gullah-Geechie dialect, but not the color.  He told me the price would not come down, but it did at his friendly competitor, Piggly Piggly, on Meeting Street.

What to do with all those peaches?  For Tea this week, I have made peaches and meringues into “Sunny Side Up Eggs”.  I am proud to say it is my own invention, trompe d’oile!  Bake whipped egg whites with sugar in circles dipped in the middle at 200 degrees for 4-5 hours, preferably on a dry day if you can find one.  Dip a toothpick in peppermint extract and touch each unbaked meringue with it, redipping for each one. That touch gives the meringues that je ne sais qua. Peel and halve peaches.  Place peach sunny side up on meringue; glisten peach with honey or my calamondin marmalade.  Announce the next course by saying you hope they like their eggs sunny side up!  They look like ostridge eggs! Serve with a pot of tea in a chilly air conditioned house.  Have fun in the last days of summer.

I will also be putting up peach chutney and brandied peaches and loquat liqueured peaches.  Each morning I peal one for my husband and me have them on our muesli.  I also make peach iced cream with loquat liqueur.  The possibilities are endless.

I also baked a Victoria sponge recipe in a flan tin and put the fresh sliced peaches on top when cool with a glaze of loquat ligueur syrup I boiled up.  The sponge cake had a hint of the tiny calamondin orange I pureed and added for moistness and flavor.  This morning I did the same recipe but did it as an upside down peach cake for my family’s Sunday breakfast tea before church.  I forgot that peaches sink and batter is displaced.  Don’t worry; I ate those drips before they fully burned!

Thank you, South Carolina farmers, for selling your peaches to Piggly Wiggly at a price we can all afford.  With the price of peaches in Charleston at 88c a lb, all IS well with the world after all and we still are The Holy City.  Thank you Piggly Wiggly for passing on that savings to us, your faithful customers.


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August 11, 2012 · 3:28 am

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