Travel and Leisure’s Top 101 Things to Do in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

Wow!  When I received reservations from Travel and Leisure readers telling me my tour is in their November 2012 edition,  I did not realize my tour was listed as one of 101 best things to do IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!  Oh my word!  How did this happen?  The Charleston Tea Party Private Tour is listed as THE only recommendation for Charleston.  Do not tell my friendly competitors or they might not be so friendly to me.  On Friday’s tour at lunch we toasted Travel and Leisure with our tiny liqueur glasses of my private stock of Loquat Liqueur made from Charleston grown loquats or Japanese plums as we also call them.  Tonight I went to Barnes and Noble and bought my own copy of this month’s issue.  Seeing is believing, and yet I still cannot believe it.  I am in debt to Travel and Leisure for having the faith in my product to put my tour on this select list.  I am humbled to be chosen. I will endeavor to serve your readers and travelers to out fair city as personally as I can what is the essence of Charleston.  I look forward to trying some of the other recommendations myself, a list to keep hold of for future travel!


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  1. Miss Laura is the real thing: easy on the eyes with an accent as gentle as a magnolia petal, which precisely matches her sweet disposition. On top of those admirable traits, she is awesomely smart and thoroughly knowledgeable about the long and rich history of Charleston, which she so graciously shares with her clients. Hers is more than just a guided tour, it is an experience not to be missed.

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