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  1. Dear Mrs. Hipp,

    Our Tea Party Tour experience with you as our guide and hostess was clearly the highlight of our trip to Charleston, SC. You do your fair city proud through your knowledge of its history and your presentation of those facts.Your chronology of yesteryear was intriguing and enhanced with stories of the people of that time. The tour of some of Charleston’s mansions, the scrumptious breakfast in one of the mansions, the tour of such lovely gardens, and then tea at your home all transported us back to our nation’s earliest beginnings. I also have to mention the Sounds of Charleston concert and our worshiping at the First Baptist Church was the icing on the cake.

    Mrs. Hipp, you are a most charming southern belle whose pride in her place of birth is evident as you share the history of Charleston. You are also a good person which was evidenced by the little things you do. Watering your busy friend’s flowers, taking flowers to your ill friend, and making sure your tour guests were comfortable were all indicative of the quality of person you are.

    I am sharing my comments to you on Facebook as I want to encourage my FB friends to take advantage of your tours. I know they would enjoy it as much as we did.

    It was a delight to meet you. May you be showered in God’s blessings.

    Rebecca Wester & Joan Sharp Earl

  2. Lauren Olsen

    I have been to Charleston before and I truly love this city. The private tea tour was a once in a lifetime experience and let me see this city in a completely different way. The lunch fallowing the tour was wonderful. The food was great and the conversation was even better. We stayed hours past the scheduled ending time because we were having such a nice time. I truly felt like I was sitting around a table with a group of close friends. I was able to learn about so many things about this historical city that I would have otherwise never known. I am even more excited to go back again and experience some of the great new things I learned about.
    – If you get a chance I was looking up some of the book titles that I got from you and I am unable to find one of them, Mary Boykin Chesnut’s Diary…do I have the correct title…if you get a free minute I am also open to other books if you have anymore suggestions. Thanks again!
    Good luck in college Olivia!

    • Hi Lauren,
      I am still finding my way here on this site and hope I responded to you before. If not, I have updated your request to show the correct spelling for the author. One edition is called Diary From Dixie, by Mary Boykin Chesnut. Another great historic novel, timely as we approach the 150th anniversary of South Carolina seceding from the Union, is called Peter Ashley, by Dubose Heyward, set here in Charleston and on nearby plantations. Another set here in the War for American Independence is called Celia Garth, by Gwen Bristol, which brings in Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, and the British occupation of Charleston and the local spying that went on for the American side.
      Thank you so much for remembering me and my tour in such a lovely comment! We did have a good time together that day!
      Many thanks,

      • Lauren Olsen

        Thank you so much for the book recommendations, I look forward to reading them. I had such a wonderful time and am looking forward to revisiting Charleston soon!
        best wishes,

  3. Colleen Hall

    As a yearly visitor to Kiawah Island for fourteen years, the historical homes of Charleston have always captured my attention. Mrs. Hipp provides a thorough and eloquent account of Charleston through her historical knowledge and lifelong experiences with Charleston society. Touring with Mrs. Hipp provides an experience of Charleston one will not find in a large touring group. I was introduced to a private side of Charleston history and its homeowners. She is a gracious hostess who serves the most savory tea luncheon. There is an obvious heartfelt desire to make every dish she serves memorable. I would recommend her tour as a highlight to anyone’s visit.

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